Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tips on Staying Healthy

Most people do realize by themselves that they are fat, unfit due to their lifestyle foods consume by them play a negative role on them and cause weight gain. People do try to make good food choices to incorporate in their diet and try to achieve weight loss however their all efforts are not showing any result.

Everybody stopped eating food. But still I will ask you can question today. Did you stop eating food which only give you calories?

Today we will learn about food which gives us nutrition and not fat and in which way we should eat food.

Angelmeds Health Care state that all should start eating foods that are healthier irrespective of the taste and quantity. Food should be consumed in only quantity that is required. Remove the food form your list which are not of any benefit for health.

Fluids: Put a full stop to drinks like iced teas, lemon drinks, sodas and sweet beverages and add water throughout the day and consume enough quantity of water to your body. Cold drinks would put your health in risk and possibly even sabotage your fitness routine by increasing your calories intake which is not needed by your body. Instead, exchange your cold drink with water, keep the body dehydrated. Water does not contain any calories and pre-loading with water before a meal will stop you from overfeeding. This helps you reduce weight.

Food Portions: Don’t feel sad about eating small meals, they will help you to gain your dream body. Large quantity of food intake increase calorie intake that is over your required calorie need. 

Dietary Fiber: Fiber helps in higher digestion of food and help to improve health of body. So, if you have got additional water retention in your body then make sure you drink maximum about of fiber to your diet. Fiber will always make you feel like fuller for a extended time while not adding any additional calories.

Regular Exercise: Exercise help to improve your fitness level and also reduce your body fat percentage.  Daily Exercises accelerate the calories burn within the body and you can feel you have become active in your daily work. Increase in muscles helps to burn fat so doing regular exercises will develop muscles in your body.

Missing Meals: Some individuals skip eating food to see weight loss as they think that will happen if they do not feed in any calories. Not eating anything put body   in the starvation mode but this is not true. One should keep eating his meals on time else one would not get the nutrition from that meal.

Cheat Meals: You can have cheat meal once or twice in every week however but you should keep count of your meal and do not stop for healthy meals. Always keep in mind your goal is being healthy. 

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