Tuesday, 18 December 2012

How ED put Marriage in Danger

 Many couples are trying hard enough to have a happy sexual life. Having erectile dysfunction in man have a  enormous impact on male partner's personality. Men mostly have a thought that having the ability to own get a degree of erection is a size of being a man: therefore when they do not get it, they feel low confident and very devastated.
Men become restless and became terribly withdrawn from their task. This brings a stress on relationship and the result is very much unhealthy, Man start making excuses, they try making excuses to walk away from bed room if women are looking for some love making with them.Many men have been faking their non interest is due to other reason. Later on, this create distance between the partners.

Women start thinking that if a man is avoiding them, it is their fault. this create a negative impact on their personality. Many women thinks that their partner do not love them any longer and their interest from marriage start vanishing. This is where a relationship falls in danger.

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