Saturday, 2 February 2013

High Blood Pressure - How to Control it?

High blood pressure is the very common health problems throughout the world. This problem is affecting many people and their life is getting trouble with this issues. There are many factors that caused this illness, and this are the things which everyone must avoid. This are not the same in all cases, you will be able to simply get over it if you know what you should do to avoid it. You should not lose hope at any stage and you want to carry on fighting towards a healthy living. Angelmeds Health center state Health is Wealth and work very hard regarding awareness on  importance of health.

Here are some best ways in which you can overcome blood pressure without depending on medicines.

1- Maintain an enough intake of dairy product; make a note down onto your diary intake and your blood pressure when you take it. Maintain a good intake of good quality dairy products. This may assist you in later stages.

2- A person suffering from blood pressure knows he should avoid salt and sodium. He should completely say to this product. Some time use of this product is not a problem but make sure you don’t eat them in much quantity. Avoid using fruits juice in cans and vegetables as a result of all canned foods have high amount of salt and sodium. Even keep a eye on food you eat at home, see that they are made in low salt and sodium.

3- If you are having high fat percent in body or you are obese you should reduce your weight.  Person with high blood pressure can seriously be benefited if he loses weight. Obesity always causes blocked of blood arteries and if fat loss is achieved this can open up the blood vessels and therefore blood can flow simply within arteries. There are some ways to try to lose weight but most effective one is to start doing exercise on regular basis and keep of count of calories intake. 

4- Avoid alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, wine etc they are not good for health and do many damages causing illness and diseases. Quit smoking if you are addicted to it. These don’t seem to be smart for your health. Besides, you should also stop intake of effervescent drinks as a result of all such drinks are not good for their high use of salt and preservatives.

5- Try to do yoga and meditation to avoid stress as much as you can. This can be terribly dangerous so make sure you avoid stress. The most effective means is to get you a good place and spend time with family.

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