Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bad Affects of Caffeine with Alcohol

Energy drinks are beverages with high amount of caffeine added to them. They are produce as a way to reinforce performance, boost the system, or produce a buzz.

The most widespread energy drinks contain elevated, unregulated quantities of caffeine and different stimulants that provide the caffeine an additional kick.

Caffeine is understood to supply prejudicious health effects in adolescents, together with dehydration, organic process issues, obesity, anxiety, insomnia, and arrhythmia.

Some energy drinks contain alcohol to some percent in the drinks. But many time people combine that drink with alcoholic drinks. Alcohol takes away the ability of a person to see, talk, understand but caffeine keeps the mind of person alert. Both contrary to each other and take place in brain at same time. This affects the ability of brain putting it in confusion state of mind.

When energy drinks are mixed with alcohol, the danger carried by this practice for adolescent health increases; teen are seen with high obese rate, this energy drink trend is one simple cause behind it. Due to sloppy nature of today’s teen and easy availability of these products, many reports regarding heart problem in teen are seen in medical facilities.

Many health professionals advice medical representatives to raise awareness among the adolescent patients whether or not to consume energy drinks in this manner. They should make presentation and bring real cases of people who have gone through such health problems to the notice of other people. Such situation should be address in school, colleges and university. The student is not aware of risks of bad intense each energy drinks can do to the internal organ when it is mixed with alcohol. Doctors should become responsive to the signs and symptoms of energy drink consumption.

People choose option of adding alcohol to caffeine or energy drink when they want something new but this can be dangerous. This can be an indication of adrenal fatigue wherever the body’s Adrenalin system has become overtaxed by constant high caffeine intake. The solution isn’t to extend caffeine even additional – however to cut back, detox, and find the adrenal glands back to a healthy state.

The teenagers are also addicted to energy drinks. their are certainly various way to deal with stress so drinking alcohol not be a good way but it would raise your problems. Consultation also needs to be provided on how to get rid of addiction of such drinks. This issue has also been taken by the media and they have heightened the attention of doctors, lawmakers and oldsters to this problem through tv programs etc.

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